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Biomaa brand was first introduced in the market on April 1994, with an initial offer of three basic products for the Mexican aquarium hobby. Gradually our product line has increased, mainly after suggestions from our customers and consumers, even nowadays we continue developing original products aimed to solve problems or provide comfort to pets and pet owners. Since its inception, Biomaa has been a company in constant growth and product development, basically following our mission, vision and principles.

The close monitoring of these ethical and philosophical principles has allowed us to achieve our current status. This does not, however, mean in any way that we have reached our goal. Nowadays, Biomaa continues to acquire high-tech machinery, leading us to implement new work systems to improve processes and meet the quality demands of our customers, as well as the deployment of the ISO 22000 Quality Management System in our processes and comply with the highest standards of quality and services, both nationally and internationally, for the benefit of our customers.


We are a Mexican company dedicated in the manufacture of quality products for pets, because we are passionate about the welfare of pets, therefore our motto: "only the best for your pets". This is not an advertising slogan; it is our feeling.


Our people

They are the engine of our processes, they are the creative force, with their dedication, commitment, talent and experience, we have been moving in the right direction for more than 25 years


Innovation is our hallmark because we are creative. It is because the innovation during the implementation of the processes and the product development, that we distinguish ourselves from the competition by anticipating market needs.

Research for Development and Design

Parallel to innovation as a creative gift, the use of scientific research to align our products in light of the advances in animal nutrition and health, allows us to design products with excellent performance.

Effective and quality products

In the hands of the consumer, our products stand out for their effectiveness in meeting customer expectations. The performance of our products is fully guaranteed when used as intended.

Our business dealings are transparent, with our supply chain, with our customers, even with our competitors. Transparency and Honesty are essential to maintain the good reputation that characterizes us.


The integrity of this organization is a reflection of the Honesty and Righteousness of its members.

We always act by doing the right thing.


We seek the well-being of pets through products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Only the best for your pets

Gato en verde


One of the most complicated and therefore difficult activities to carry out correctly in production-focused companies is customer service.

In this sense, we have implemented precise actions, coordinating production schedules with deliveries and shipments logistics, enabling us to respond better and quicker to the demands of our customers and distributors for goods.

Also, in another area, for some time now, we have maintained permanently open channels of communication for consultation about the properties, characteristics and use of our products for the entire commercial pyramid, from distributors to the end-consumer of our products, among other technical aspects related to aquariums and pets.

On the other hand, in Biomaa, we are committed by conviction and not as a banner for commercial purposes, with the aspects of conservation of natural resources, especially fauna and flora, as well as in the dissemination of information that leads to create ecological awareness among the population in order to prevent or at least reduce the accelerated deterioration of our natural environment, urging everyone not to contribute to the illegal trafficking of species among other actions.


Quality control at Biomaa is not just limited to final physical inspections to ensure the net content indicated on the product label, or to the verification of the concentration of the products' active ingredients, as most people assume. concentration of the active ingredients of the products, as most people assume (línea repetida). It is very important, from any point of view, to make sure that the product that has been produced is safe for its intended purpose, i.e. it should only contain, at most, a negligible amount of chemical elements or intermediary compounds or contaminants to be declared safe. This requires certain laboratory equipment that enables the instrumental analysis required for each particular product to be carried out.

Biomaa's quality control management has instructed at the purchasing department staff to ensure that the procurement of raw materials and packaging complies with the following minimum standards minimum standards:

Food and drug packaging shall be certified for proper food use or certified for pharmaceutical use.

Chemicals used in the manufacture of conditioners and medicines for ornamental fish shall comply with United States Pharmacopeia (USP), British National Formulary (BNF), European Pharmacopoeia, or be approved by the United Mexican States Pharmacopoeia.

For those exceptional products that are not covered by the American, British, European or Mexican Pharmacopoeias, they should have at least analytical grade (AR or AG). For substances used for the preparation of trace element solutions, the minimum purity grade required is AR, always preferring UP, Ultrex© or HPLC reagents.

Most of the general analytical methodology in the quality control laboratory is based on the recommendations, procedures and regulations by the Pharmacopeia of the United Mexican States, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and EPA (U.S. EPA) the European Union (EU) Environmental Protection Agency), among other works, in addition to our own methodology.



Since its origins, Biomaa has excelled in the manufacture of conditioners and medicines for ornamental fish by designing and producing exclusive high-performance formulations, substituting the imports effectively not only economically, which is very important, but also in terms of quality.

It is not only logical but even natural that Biomaa, having started out as a producer of conditioners and medicines for aquariums, has now positioned itself as the undisputed leader in the manufacture of this type of products due to the quality and diversity of these products, as well as their real production capacity.

Our installed capacity have allows us to mass produce many products that are currently leaders in the national market, with quality standards that our competition will hardly achieve in the short term. Biomaa currently produces and markets a wide variety of articles for aquariums and pets, including pet accessories, food for ornamental fish and many more, which you can check by browsing through our online catalogue.


Laboratory tests

Laboratory testing is an indispensable stage during the design and development of new products. It is at this stage that the main product control parameters are established for applying them on the production line and obviously for quality control procedures.Laboratory tests are an indispensable stage during the design and development of new products. It is at this stage where the main product control parameters are established for application in the production line and obviously for quality control procedures.

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