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Balanced food for young carnivorous and omnivorous turtles.


Turtles over one year old no longer require a contribution of animal protein in the diet as high as is necessary in the early stages of development, so in this case the protein levels are set at 30%.


Turtoo Teen is a food that contains all the essential nutrients for aquatic turtles in full development, including the proportions of minerals and vitamins A and D3, as well as calcium, to avoid skeletal anomalies, such as softening of the shell among others.


Instructions for use:


Feed your turtle 2 to 3 times a week, offering him a few churritos of Turtoo Teen.  If after about 30 minutes there are remains of the food, remove them. 

It is recommended that you clean the tank or aquarium after each feeding session.


  • Turtoo teen

    • 40g  36 pieces $ 623.70
    • 100g  twenty  pieces $ 645.70
    • 100g 60 pieces $ 629.70
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