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Flea Shampoo for All Breeds.


Biomaa's Anti-Flea Shampoo is specially formulated with biodegradable ingredients of the highest quality; eliminates and repels fleas and mosquitoes and achieves a deep cleaning, gently treating your pet's skin and hair.


This product is one of the most recent technological innovations that Biomaa has made available to the public.


The flea shampoo is formulated with a natural insecticide that is non-toxic for domestic animals or for man.


Its exquisite citrus aroma, its conditioners that brighten and facilitate brushing and, above all, its insecticidal and repellent action make it the product of choice for the care of your pet.

The flea shampoo can be applied to all breeds of dogs and cats.
Try it and you will be convinced.

Instructions for use:


Lightly dampen the dog's skin and hair and apply a little Flea Shampoo, spreading it with your fingers and palm over the entire surface of the skin, and gently massaging it. Rinse and repeat the application if  necessary.




  • Flea shampoo

    • 250 ml 12 pieces $ 630.00
    • 500 ml  12  pieces $ 1,045.20
    • 10L 1 piece $ 1,047.50
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