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It is a formula capable of meeting the dietary needs of each species, favoring that your fish  fully express their natural coloring. The ingredients with which Rainbow Color Bites is made are of natural origin  and 100% safe for the health of your fish.


The color of the fish is given by their own genetic characteristics of each species, however, goldfish require in their diet certain chemical compounds that accumulate in their chromatophores, erythrophores, those that store red pigments, melanophores that store dark pigments and cyanophores store blue pigments. Many of these natural pigments that are synthesized by microscopic algae, yeasts, crustaceans, etc. They are found by fish in nature through the food chain, a process that does not usually occur within the aquarium.


Biomaa has developed a formula that meets these dietary needs for your fish, helping them to fully express their natural coloring.


Instructions for use:


Feed your fish Rainbow Color  Bites twice a day in sufficient quantity  for the food to be consumed in  five minutes.


  • Rainbow Color Bites

    • 40 piezas c/u de 100g $596
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