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Pleco Sticks is a special formulation  for fish of the Loricaridae family,  like the Plecostomus, whose ingredients  The main ones are for the most part  vegetable origin.


In community aquariums where different species with diverse feeding habits coexist, the fish called bottom feeders such as the plecostomus are the least favored during feeding sessions, since by providing flake food to the fish, the floating fish food of Surface water and intermediate water feeding habits leave very little for these groundfish to feed on.


The problem is further accentuated by the differences in the nutritional requirements of the fish, since the diet of the Plecos is basically vegetarian.

Now the problem of feeding these fish (which are often unfairly viewed as waste-eating cleaner fish) is solved with Pleco Sticks.


Pleco Sticks is a compact, fast sinking pelleted feed, formulated with excellent quality plant ingredients, which is immediately available to bottom-feeding fish.


Instructions for use:


Provide 1 to 3 pellets of Pleco Sticks  one to two times a day for each fish, depending on its size.


  • Pleco sticks

    • 80g 36 pieces $ 824.04
    • 160g 20 pieces $ 755,24
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