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Antiparasitic treatment based on Malachite Green to combat ICH and other parasites and infections.


The dyes derived from triphenyl methane, as is the case with all pararosanilines, have proven their usefulness over the years as therapeutic agents to combat diseases caused by parasitic protozoa, both in fish from inland and marine waters. These chemical compounds have the disadvantage of being quite toxic, so not all species of fish tolerate it very well, as is the case with small-sized carasids such as neons, cardinals, corydoras, etc.


On the other hand, formaldehyde has also demonstrated its usefulness as a therapeutic agent in aquaculture against various diseases of fungal and parasitic origin.


Green-Bac is a medicine based on Malachite Green (Hexamethyl pararosaniline) and formaldehyde. This combination of powerful antiparasitic agents places Green-Bac as a leading product of its kind since positive clinical results are achieved from the first 24 hours after application.


Green-Bac is indicated to treat diseases caused by the most feared protozoan parasites of marine and freshwater aquariums, such as Cryptocariasis, ICH or white point, Oodiniasis, Costia, Brooklyneliasis, etc.


Instructions for use:


Add one drop of Green-Bac for every 4 liters of water for 3 days, raising the  temperature at 28-30 ° C. In different species of small tetras it is recommended to use the  half dose (1 drop for every 8 liters of water). If symptoms persist after 5 to 7 days, change half the water and repeat the treatment. In marine fish add 1 drop of Green-Bac for every 4 liters of water every other day for 7 days.


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