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Acrivelt is an excellent remedy against bacterial and fungal diseases, such as fin rot in fish, bacterial gill disease and sores, wounds and ulcers on infected skin, as well as milkweed on the skin and fins.


This powerful antiseptic is recommended to treat and prevent infections caused by fungi and bacteria, being very effective especially in the early stages of the disease.


As a prophylactic against infections caused by fungi in the spawn of oviparous fish, it should be used with caution since this drug bases its therapeutic action on the mutagenic power that it exerts on bacteria and fungi, and therefore there is a risk of causing some mutation in fish during their early stages of development. If you want to use it for this purpose, we recommend that you apply half the dose and combine it with All-blue at a double concentration, significantly reducing the teratogenic risk.


Instructions for use:


Be sure to deactivate the charcoal filter. Apply 2 drops of Acrivelt for every liter of water, increasing the temperature  of water at 28-30ºC Repeat the treatment every third day for a week.


  • Acrivelt

    • 45 ml 50 pieces $ 1,433.25
    • 125 ml 15 pieces $ 1,313.25
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