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The turbidity of the water in aquariums and ponds can have various causes, the most frequent of all, excess feeding. Food that is not eaten by fish falls to the bottom and is gradually broken down by bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms present in the water, which reproduce rapidly and are so small that box or bottom filters cannot retain them.


Turbidel acts on all these tiny particles by flocculating them, that is, it manages to join several of them, with the purpose of forming increasingly larger particles so that ordinary filters are able to retain them. Turbidel also works just as effectively when the turbidity of the water is caused by very fine mineral particles from the sand or gravel at the bottom of the aquarium.


Turbidel works based on the electrostatic forces present in the suspended particles, so it is NOT oxidizing, it has no color, it does NOT modify the quality of the water, it is NOT toxic and it does NOT alter the pH value.


Instructions for use:


It is an Antiturbing Agent that works by flocculating all those  small organic particles and  minerals that cloud the water of the  aquarium, allowing the filter to  retain more easily.

Add 2 drops of Turbidel for each  3 liters of water, or if you prefer, a lid  (10 mL) for every 100 liters of water.


Mix and Run Equipment  of aeration and filtration and wait  4 to 6 hours. In marine aquariums, it is  need to wait until the next day. 


If the cloudiness persists, repeat the  treatment, if you still do not know  solves the problem, you will need to review your  filtration system and correct the error.




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  • Turbidel

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