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It is a formula to supply  the supply of natural pigments  of the diet, which the fish accumulate in their chromatophores, allowing them to fully express their natural coloring.


This is a diet specially prepared for all aquarium fish, added with Astaxanthin, a phytochemical whose metabolic characteristics, among others, is that of being a very efficient antioxidant, reflected in very surprising results as a preventive of diseases, immunomodulator and regenerator of the epithelia. In addition to the above, astaxanthin by its nature is a carotenoid that saves all its pigmenting properties from the tissues of the organisms that consume it.


Instructions for use:


Feed your fish two to three times a day, enough for the food to be consumed in no more than 5 minutes.  Super Color Bites can be supplied as a daily food.


  • Super Color Bites

    • 50g 36  pieces $ 850.50
    • 140g 20  pieces $ 1,046.50
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