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The Super Food for Everyone!


Biomaa's Super Flakes flake food is made with natural ingredients. Super Flakes is a mixture of red, green and yellow flakes, shrimp-scented and brittle in texture, designed to meet the nutritional needs of most tropical and freshwater fish. 

Why Super Flakes?

These Super Flakes are designed to strengthen your fish in two ways. First, the addition of Beta-glucans stimulates cellular immunity in the line of white blood cells responsible for the production of antibodies, improving their response not only against infectious agents, but also for other much more serious diseases, such as neoplasms, some commonly known as cancer.

Second, the incorporation of glucomannan favors the implantation of a robust microbial flora of beneficial bacterial species that prevent the establishment of pathogens throughout the digestive tract and, if that were not enough, significantly improve the absorption of nutrients. And the most important thing is that when your fish have received these nutritional benefits, they will thank us with a faster development and with more intense and bright colors.

For all this, today, Super Flakes, represents the option that best balances health / nutrition / price.


Instructions for use:


Feed your fish two to three times a day, enough for the food to be consumed in no more than five minutes. You should never provide more food than they can consume in that time. 


  • Super flakes

    • 20 g  72  pieces $ 1,277.64
    • 40 g  40  pieces $ 1,008.84
    • 150g  30 pieces $ 2,190.84
    •   500g  6  pieces $ 1,215.84
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