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Spiruflakes from Biomaa is a balanced food  specially designed for food  of all kinds of tropical fish, with preferences  herbivorous and omnivorous dietetics.


Biomaa spirulina flakes are a rich source of one of the most important natural foods that make up the diet of many of the most important herbivorous and omnivorous fish in the world of aquarism.


Spirulina algae is a rich source of protein, coloring, vitamins and minerals, and is a complete food on its own.


If you really want to fully observe your fish with the colors and intensities that they obtain in their natural habitat, they have to be fed with Spiruflakes.


Instructions for use:


Feed your fish 2 to 3 times a day, which  consume for 5 minutes.  Remove the  leftover food with a net.


  • Spiruflakes

    • 150 g 6  pieces $ 1390.72
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