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Biomaa FAM, is specially designed to treat diseases by  Parasitic protozoa in marine and freshwater fish. It works against: ICH, Trichodiniasis, Epistiliasis, Costia and Oodiniasis; in marine fish, Cryptokariasis, Uronema, Brooklyneliasis, Oodiniasis, among others.


This drug formulated based on Malachite Green, Methylene Blue and Formaldehyde is unique in its kind within the Mexican market and offers the same antiparasitic spectrum advantages and therapeutic performance as traditional formulations made exclusively with Malachite Green, with the enormous advantage of its low toxicity.


FAM is indicated to treat parasitic diseases caused by ectoparasitic protozoa in delicate fish, such as small species of characids, which are not very tolerant to medicines based on Copper or Malachite Green.


Instructions for use:


Add one drop of FAM for each liter of water, repeating the dose every day for a minimum of 7 days. It is necessary to suspend the filtration with activated carbon and zeolite For sensitive species, administer  the first day one drop of FAM for each liter of water, the following days,  apply only half the dose of the medicine.


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  • FAM

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