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It is not difficult to understand why Betta fish are so popular, although the truth is that there are many reasons for their popularity. One of them is that the males of the species are splendid fish in their coloring and development of their fins, but perhaps the most powerful reason is that they are not expensive fish and are quite tolerant in terms of water quality conditions and size of the fish. aquarium where they live; However, it is often a real headache to make them eat, since due to their predatory habits, they rarely accept flake food, preferring to feed on live prey.

The problem of getting food that these fish want to eat is solved with Bettabit, this is a balanced food in the forms of small balls (1.5 mm in diameter) of dark color that fish often mistake for insects, rushing to devour it.


Instructions for use:

Feed your fish two to three times a day in sufficient quantity for it to consume in no more than 5 minutes. Remove the rest with a net.


  • Bettabit

    • 35g 160  piezas $1,848.00
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